Build-A-Bear Fully Releases Pokemon Piplup Plush!!

It’s so adorable and the perfect buddy for my Build-A-Bear Meowth Plush!

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Insert Coin Clothing Haul!

This was my first time shopping on Insert Coin Clothing and I’m glad I did~ Continue reading “Insert Coin Clothing Haul!”

Review: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

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Spencer’s Gifts/Hot Topic Haul!

This is clearly different from the Thrift Shop Goodies Hauls but I thought, why not? I got some amazing things that I want to show you~ Continue reading “Spencer’s Gifts/Hot Topic Haul!”

Review: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

I’ve honestly never played a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and I’m always down to try something new, even if it’s not what I do so I gave this a try, finished it, and now I will give my review~
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Video Games Old but Gold #13: Pokémon Snap

This used to be a favorite back in the day. My brother and I were OBSESSED with Pokémon when it first came out. Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #13: Pokémon Snap”

Listen to Metallica Sing the Pokemon Original Theme Song!

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New Japanese Pokemon Sun/Moon Commercial with Usain Bolt!

If I didn’t buy Pokemon Sun or Moon before, I probably would’ve bought it now after watching this commercial.

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