Overwatch’s Doomfist will release July 27 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4!

This information was released by Blizzard and this exciting news made my day. Continue reading “Overwatch’s Doomfist will release July 27 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4!”

Look at this adorable Overwatch Doge cosplay!

This is so adorable, I can’t breathe. Continue reading “Look at this adorable Overwatch Doge cosplay!”

Tokidoki X Overwatch Collection Releases July 19th!

Tokidoki is teaming up with Overwatch to release some adorable goodies pretty soon! Continue reading “Tokidoki X Overwatch Collection Releases July 19th!”

Spencer’s Gifts/Hot Topic Haul!

This is clearly different from the Thrift Shop Goodies Hauls but I thought, why not? I got some amazing things that I want to show you~ Continue reading “Spencer’s Gifts/Hot Topic Haul!”

LootGaming Unboxing: Suit Up

Time for an unboxing of the April 2017 LootGaming box! I can’t wait to show you the surprises I got~ Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Suit Up”

Check out this Awesome D.Va Custom Rig on Tumblr!

Nerf this!
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My 6 Favorite PC/MMO Games!

I have a ton of favorite PC games but I’m narrowing it to just 6 PC games. Three of them will be MMOs and the other three are non-MMO. Continue reading “My 6 Favorite PC/MMO Games!”

LootGaming Unboxing: Future Tech

Finally got another LootGaming box for March 2017!

Are you ready to see the surprises I got? Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Future Tech”