Gabby’s Quick Life Update!

Hello, friends! Continue reading “Gabby’s Quick Life Update!”

Video Games Old but Gold #5: Donkey Kong Country

I hope you guys remember this amazing childhood memory~ Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #5: Donkey Kong Country”

Video Games Old but Gold #3: MX Unleashed

More childhood memories~

This was one of the funniest games growing up, especially in multiplayer mode. Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #3: MX Unleashed”

The Metal Gear Solid Movie is still happening!

I’m really excited! I’ve heard about a Metal Gear Solid movie in production since E3 2006 and it’s still in development. It’s been more than a decade!

The child inside me is so ready for this! Continue reading “The Metal Gear Solid Movie is still happening!”

Video Games Old but Gold #2: Blinx The Time Sweeper

Whooo, man, this game has a lot of memories. If you don’t know, I love cats and this game was one of my favorites when I was little. I was in love with this game just because I could play as a cat, even if it was a little complicated for me, I thought it was fun. Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #2: Blinx The Time Sweeper”

Good Morning, Friends~!

Good morning, friends~!

I hope you love my zombie slippers and I hope everyone is having a good week. The weekend is coming pretty soon so I will have a lot of free time~ Continue reading “Good Morning, Friends~!”

My Favorite Childhood Video Game~

Ah, memories~

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land was one of my favorite games as a kid since I got a more child appropriate console for my age which was the Game Boy Advance and this game was the first game I got for it. I remember getting a Game Boy Advance for Christmas along with this and a few other games.

That was years ago obviously but now I’m going to tell you why this was my favorite video game as a kid. Continue reading “My Favorite Childhood Video Game~”

You had one job…

This is a quick random blog post but I had to show you guys this hilarious photo. Continue reading “You had one job…”