Thrift Shop Goodies #5

Time for another short Thrift Shop Goodies post! Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #5”

There is a Luigi’s Mansion Arcade in Hiroshima, Japan?!?!

I love traveling to Hiroshima on the weekends and I normally find different arcades to go to. While walking around the roads and shopping areas, I finally found an arcade with lots of games and my body was ready.

While walking through the many games in the room, I’ve noticed this Luigi’s Mansion Arcade game in Japanese and all I could think of was that this is real life and I started crying because I did not know this was real until I found it. Never would have crossed my mind that Luigi’s Mansion could be an arcade game. Continue reading “There is a Luigi’s Mansion Arcade in Hiroshima, Japan?!?!”

My Experience at the Hiroshima Pokemon Center in Japan

Guys… This place is real and I cried so much and acted like a complete child, looking through the Pokemon plushies and the merchandise. Wonderful place, so much nostalgia just flowing through my tears.

My experience was truly amazing. So much stuff and dolls and just amazingness. I fell in love with this place as soon as I found out about it. Continue reading “My Experience at the Hiroshima Pokemon Center in Japan”