Review: Unravel

Truly beautiful game. I loved every bit of this. Continue reading “Review: Unravel”

Review: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Okay, I just finished this game and it’s still pretty fresh in my mind so I’m going to tell you about it. Continue reading “Review: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst”

Review: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

I love the Devil May Cry series and I’m so glad they have it for PlayStation 4, especially the Special Edition. This is one of my favorite Devil May Cry games and I am going to tell you all about it. Continue reading “Review: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition”

Review: Inside

Time for a review about a video game called Inside and this is a gameĀ that followed up on a really successful game in 2010 called Limbo.

Now I’ve played Playdead’s Limbo and that game was pretty amazing being a 2D sidescroller plus it was just in black and white so it gave an eerie atmosphere along with minimal sounds and lighting. Sure, I died a lot because of some of the puzzles but overall, I thought of Limbo as a video game in an art form, even if there were buzz saws and deadly traps. It was beautiful and simple.

This review is about Playdead’s Inside that I got last year for the PC on SteamĀ (Also for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4). I didn’t know anything about it. I just knew it was made by the creators of Limbo so I figured that this game would be just as good. Continue reading “Review: Inside”