Ask Gabby! : Basic Info, Questions, and Random Facts About Me!

Looks like you guys are going to know me a bit more and I’m excited to give you a more elaborate “About Me” post. There are also some pics of me as well.

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Video Games Old but Gold #3: MX Unleashed

More childhood memories~

This was one of the funniest games growing up, especially in multiplayer mode. Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #3: MX Unleashed”

Video Games Old but Gold #2: Blinx The Time Sweeper

Whooo, man, this game has a lot of memories. If you don’t know, I love cats and this game was one of my favorites when I was little. I was in love with this game just because I could play as a cat, even if it was a little complicated for me, I thought it was fun. Continue reading “Video Games Old but Gold #2: Blinx The Time Sweeper”

Good Morning, Friends~!

Good morning, friends~!

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My Favorite Childhood Video Game~

Ah, memories~

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land was one of my favorite games as a kid since I got a more child appropriate console for my age which was the Game Boy Advance and this game was the first game I got for it. I remember getting a Game Boy Advance for Christmas along with this and a few other games.

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Hello, friends!

12642870_925603674182042_7265647197917171797_nHello, friends!

This is my first blog post and to introduce myself, my name is Gabriella Graham but you can call me Gabby!

I am a 21 year old college student living out in Japan for work. I am studying Psychology and I work as a mechanic on small boats. Been in Japan for almost 2 years now and I obviously have some really cool stuff to show you guys. I am from North Carolina born and raised and my favorite things are obviously everything video games, zombies, cats, whiskey, music, and rainy days.

I’ve been playing video games since I was extremely little (about 3 years old) and my first game was, no kidding, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the PlayStation 2 (I blame my dad). Then, I moved on to older consoles as I got older, such as my NES and Nintendo 64 that I still have today and they still work. Since then, I’ve been gaming for such a long time because I just love video games so much and they make me happy.

My blog will mostly be about video games, which is something I’m really passionate about so I will be doing reviews and thoughts on many video games that you may or may not of heard of. I will also be doing LootGaming Unboxings which is the Video Game LootCrate I get on a monthly basis. Right now, I want to keep it simple and hopefully make it bigger as I continue blogging and reviewing video games for everyone. I will be posting once or twice a week depending on my work schedule but do expect some posting.

This blog will be informative and fun so I hope everyone will get a kick out of this. I hope to inform those who are new to video games or those who are looking for a review for a game that they’ve never heard of new and old. I will also post my review on new release trailers and teasers just to give you an idea of my thoughts on what’s coming out soon.

I am super excited to start working on my blog and I hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I do. I will post my first video game review pretty soon!

I will have links to my other profiles so just ask a question or just give me a shout and feel free to comment any questions or concerns

I hope everyone has a good day or evening!


Twitter: @The_GabbyGamer

Tumblr: thegabbygamer (Gabriella Graham)