Thrift Shop Goodies #6 Haul!

I have another Thrift Shop Goodies for everyone! This is my first haul and I’m so excited! Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #6 Haul!”


Thrift Shop Goodies #5

Time for another short Thrift Shop Goodies post! Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #5”

Thrift Shop Goodies #4

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done a Thrift Shop Goodies post but I finally went to the Thrift Shop and I found some cool stuffs! Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #4”

Thrift Shop Goodies #3

Hello, friends and I am back with some more thrift shop finds.

I got 4 PlayStation 2 games for $2 each from a book store out in Japan and they had a discount bin full of video games so now I will share with you what I got~ Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #3”

Thrift Shop Goodies #2

Hello, everyone!

I went to the thrift shop again and I found two more items~ Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #2”

Thrift Shop Goodies #1

Good evening from Japan or Konbanwa (which is ‘Good Evening’ in Japanese).

I thought of an idea to make a “Thrift Shop Goodies” category because I do find a lot of cheap finds at the thrift shop and I do want to share my finds and tell you what I think. I love collecting video games, especially really old ones that I can get my hands on.

I just went to the thrift shop this morning because I was bored and it has been a while since I’ve been so I’m going to show you the awesome things I found. Continue reading “Thrift Shop Goodies #1”