Collector’s Edition Unboxing: Little Nightmares: Six Edition

I wonder if this is Six’s actual size in real life.

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LootGaming Unboxing: Champions

These are the “Champions” in this LootGaming Box in June. Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Champions”

Unboxing: Xbox One Special Edition Ocean Shadow Controller

Guys, this controller made me cry. It’s just so beautiful. Continue reading “Unboxing: Xbox One Special Edition Ocean Shadow Controller”

LootGaming Unboxing: Road Rage

I know that May was two months ago but do not worry as I have the June LootGaming box as well but right now, I’m going over some Road Rage. Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Road Rage”

LootGaming Unboxing: Suit Up

Time for an unboxing of the April 2017 LootGaming box! I can’t wait to show you the surprises I got~ Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Suit Up”

Review + Unboxing #1: IOGear Kaliber Gaming Konvert Universal Gaming Headset

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LootGaming Unboxing: Future Tech

Finally got another LootGaming box for March 2017!

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LootGaming Unboxing: Wild Edition

Finally got the February LootGaming Box out from my mail and I get so happy when it’s here. It’s filled with so many cool surprises. Continue reading “LootGaming Unboxing: Wild Edition”

Collector’s Edition Unboxing: ReCore

Here is another unboxing post for everyone and I’m going to show you what I got in my ReCore Collector’s Edition! Continue reading “Collector’s Edition Unboxing: ReCore”

Collector’s Edition Unboxing: Corpse Party: Blood Drive

I’ve always liked the Corpse Party games and I looked to see if there were any games for PSVita and here we are.

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