About The Gabby Gamer

Hello, friends!

My name is Gabriella Graham but you can call me Gabby!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglassesI am 21, tattooed, and ready to play some video games.

I’m currently living in Japan for work and I’ve been in Japan for almost 2 years now so I obviously have some really cool stuff to show you guys~

I’ve been playing video games since I was really young (about 3 years old) and my first game was, no kidding, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the PlayStation 2 (I blame my dad). Then, I moved on to older consoles as I got older, such as my NES and Nintendo 64 that I still have today and they still work. Since then, I’ve been gaming for such a long time because I just love video games so much and they make me happy.

I’m also not really about that “Xbox or PlayStation” war. I have both of them including the Nintendo Switch and a gaming PC and I love all of them and in terms of what kind of video games I play, I love a good story-based game and RPGs such as Skyrim and The Witcher. I will also play Fighting games, Racing games, and Sports games with other people. I enjoy playing horror games as well. Silent Hill is my favorite series along with Resident Evil. I mostly play everything and anything because I’m a curious person and I don’t read reviews or ask for opinions before I play because I want to enjoy it without any backlash or negativity about the game. Everyone is different when it comes to video games, which is what I always tell myself.

My blog will mostly be about video games, which is something I’m really passionate about so I will be doing reviews and thoughts on many video games that you may or may not have heard of. I will also be doing LootGaming Unboxings which is the Video Game LootCrate I get on a monthly basis and I do a Video Games Old but Gold series where I mostly talk about the video games I’ve played in my childhood and to give you guys a bit of nostalgia in the end~

This blog will be informative and fun so I hope everyone will get a kick out of this. I hope to inform those who are new to video games or those who are looking for a review for a game that they’ve never heard of new and old.

I will have links to my other profiles so ask a question or just give me a shout!

See ya soon~

❤ Gabby