Video Games Old but Gold #34: Twisted Metal

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Twisted Metal is a vehicular combat game, developed by SingleTrac and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, that released for the PlayStation on November 5th, 1995.


This game is one of those Demolition Derby games where you ride around in a vehicle and shoot missiles, use machine guns, and place mines. The player is placed in an arena with different players to engage in battle. The last person to survive is the winner.

The storyline mostly revolved around a tournament called “Twisted Metal” that is hosted once a year. The goal of the tournament is to defeat all of the opponents in the arena and the winner is granted a single wish.


This game was fun back in its time and I enjoyed playing it as a kid. Even though it had some “black humor” in it and I didn’t realize it until I got older and it actually made me laugh as crazy as I am now.


Did you guys play Twisted Metal?

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