Monster Sanctuary “Metroid Meets Pokemon” Kickstarter Project!

This game is a “Monster Taming Metroidvania” 🙂

Monster Sanctuary is a video game that combines exploration of a Metroidvania in a side-view pixel world with monster collecting and battling. This game will have a strategic, party-based, turn-based RPG system, much of that like Pokemon.

Here is the Kickstarter trailer:

According to the developer, Denis Sinner, he hopes to launch the game in 2020 with an Early Access version to release in 2019. There is a Demo released featuring 15+ Monsters and over two hours of story content so definitely try it out when you can. It’s free to download on Steam.


The Kickstarter Project goal ends on November 22nd, 2018. The goal was $22,730 and it is now at $57,758 with at least three of their stretch goals met. If they make it up to $60,000, there would be a potential Nintendo Switch release!

  • If you are interested in supporting this project, you can contribute either $1.14 USD, just for contributing or $17 for the Digital Copy of the game and Early Access. More of their pledges and goals will be on their main Kickstarter page.

Monster Sanctuary will release in 2020 for PC and potentially Nintendo Switch.

Sources: Monster Sanctuary Kickstarter

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