League’s New Dark Star Cho’Gath skin will raise money for charity!

Every cent from purchasing this skin will go to local charities in your region.

Charity skins have always been an amazing idea and with the new Dark Star Cho’Gath, you can purchase this skin from July 13th until August 10th (Patch 8.13) and 100% of the proceeds will go straight to charities in your region. This skin will retail for 1350 RP.

Dark Star Cho’Gath at 0 Stacks/ 4 Stacks/ 8 Stacks

Dark Star Cho’Gath Loading Screen Border

This charity skin will have a new model and textures, VFX/SFX, recall animation, and his feast transformations. Purchasing this skin will also give you a special loading screen border.

Dark Star Cho’Gath will go away for a while after August 10th, and there is no exact date yet, but he will come back as a 10 Gemstone skin.

Will you be purchasing this skin?


Source: Surrender at 20: 8.13 PBE

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