Video Games Old but Gold #31: Tomb Raider

Girl power~

Tomb Raider is an action-adventure, puzzle platformer, developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive, that released for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1 on October 1996.


My dad owned the PlayStation copy of this game and it was something that he got me into when I was younger. I loved that I was able to play as a female and it made me love the entire series because of how strong and educated Lara Croft is. The only thing I realize now (since I went back to playing it) was how clunky the game controls were because you couldn’t play with the dual analog controllers.


As I got older, in 2007, they released the Tomb Raider: Anniversary remake for its 10th anniversary and I was so excited to play it again with way better graphics. This game was definitely something to go back to. The Tomb Raider series is incredibly fun and educational and I just love the girl power.

Have you played Tomb Raider?


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