Collector’s Edition Unboxing: Sonic Mania

Some good ol’ nostalgia in a box 🙂

I got the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition a while back and I wanted to show you guys. I’m a Sonic fan or I used to be a HUGE Sonic fan back in the day and when I found this at the mall, I teared up a bit and impulsively bought it without looking into my bank account. I got this for Xbox One because I needed to play my Xbox One more and I don’t have a lot of games for it so this was a good idea.


This Collector’s Edition came with a 12″ Statue with Sega Startup Audio, a Metallic Collector’s Card, an Xbox One download key, and a Sega Cartridge Cast with a Golden Ring inside.


Inside the box with the Xbox One download key.



The front side of the Metallic Collector’s Card.


The back side.


The Sega Cartridge Cast.


The Cartridge Cast open with the Golden Ring.


This Golden Ring is a lot heavier than it looks.


The front of the statue and when you flip the switch on, it’ll say “SEEGGAAA” (needs AA batteries).


The back of the statue.

I bought this for about $70 and I love it so much. The best purchase I’ve made yet because I’m such a Sonic fan. I’m starting to run out of room for my figures and statues so I need to buy a new bookshelf. Overall, I love this piece of nostalgia and it’s so perfect for me. I love it so much.


Have you guys played Sonic Mania or own the Collector’s Edition?

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