I’m back, guys!

Hello, everyone. I’m back and I apologize.

It has been a rough 2 months for me. I have been working on moving out from Japan back to the United States. I’m also in school (part-time) as well so I have been focusing on that a lot more since I was behind for about a month because I’m also working a full-time job and I basically work Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm.

It’s just been a stressful couple of months, especially since I had a wrist brace on for about a month as well, plus I’ve been getting really sick lately.

There’s nothing wrong with me. I feel better now and everything will calm down for a bit until I leave Japan, hopefully next month.


I do apologize for not posting anything for a couple of months. It’s just been hectic for me. If I don’t post anything for weeks at a time, then I will at least post something short and sweet for you guys, even if it’s just League of Legends news because I’ve gotten back into playing and I am currently Silver V in Ranked Solo/Duo, which is amazing. I haven’t played League of Legends since 2012.


Overall, I’m okay and doing well, just going through some stress. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Fall this year and are ready for Halloween in a couple of weeks because I am.

In the meantime, I have a couple of reviews to post, some Video Games Old but Gold, and some LootGaming Unboxings for you guys so stayed tuned~ 🙂

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