Unboxing + Review: Havit Magic Eagle Gaming Mouse

Hello, everyone. I apologize for not posting everyday. I am developing Carpal Tunnel in both of my wrists but I’m wearing a brace in my right wrist because it has more pain so I have to wear this brace and take medications for about a month until it gets better, which is preventing me from typing blog posts and playing console video games. It actually took me a day to type this with the brace on. I will be posting about 2-3 times a week now instead of everyday. I hope you can understand and don’t worry, I’ll be okay.

Today, I will be posting an Unboxing and Review of a new gaming mouse I got recently and even though I am wearing a brace, the doctor said I can still play PC games.


I purchased this mouse on Amazon on sale for about $8 with the Amazon Prime membership. It came in a small box with the descriptions of the mouse on the box.


This mouse looks really cool with the lightning design and feels soft to the touch. It has a DPI button that you can change in four levels. 800DPI (Red), 1200DPI (Green), 2400DPI (Blue), 3200DPI (Pink). There is also a Light-Off Mode, which is the forward and back button to scroll through the pages in a website. There are 7 kinds of colorful LED, breathing effects, which look really pretty at night and it’s a bonus when a gaming mouse light up.


This mouse has an ergonomic design so it fits naturally in my hand with no cramping whatsoever and it has a braided cord to make the mouse more durable and so it won’t break easily, especially when you travel with this. This is also a USB “Plug and Play” mouse so it’s easier to just plug it into your computer without any additional software.


So far, even with my brace on, this mouse is very comfortable and perfect to use for League of Legends or Overwatch and the DPI levels are perfect for any type of fast or slow-paced games. I love the colorful breathing effects and it’s just a good mouse overall for gaming or working. This gaming mouse is so far my favorite one.

What kind of gaming mouse do you use?


Source: Amazon

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