Breath of the Wild “The Master Trials” DLC Log #5: Another Memory and The Trial of the Sword Part #1

After getting the Dark Link Outfit…


Hello. Farewell.

I went back to the Ta’Loh Naeg Shrine in Kakariko village and decided to search past the Great Fairy Fountain. Just to explore a bit. Found some Korok seeds, fought some Yiga Footsoldiers, destroyed some small boulders, and collected mushrooms and flowers. Saw the beautiful Naydra on my way to a split in the road at the West Gate and went down to go to the East Gate through the Lanayru Promenade.


The Beautiful Naydra~




Mount Lanayru is breathtaking~

I basically just climbed the hill on my left and proceeded to run towards the East Gate. When I get there, there is a glowing area and I realized that I did not get the memory here. I recalled it and I’m guessing that this is when Ganon awakens and the battle will begin. Such a beautiful memory… I now have one more memory to find and it’s the one at Hyrule Castle.


Another memory…


I’m glad I took this screenshot. It’s perfect!



I teleported to Korok Forest and talked with Hestu to upgrade my Weapon Stash and I was going to run past the The Great Deku Tree until he stopped me and talked to me. I guess this is how it starts once I place the Master Sword in its pedestal. I saved my game and decided to start the Trial of the Sword.


Hestu doing his thing.


The Great Deku Tree makes me cry every time~


Cute Koroks~


I get teleported to a new area, naked, with no weapons, armor, anything. This was survival. I fought the first batch of Bokoblins and teleported to the next area. Defeated the next area with Bokoblins on posts and got better items, the third area consisted of Fire Chuchus and I forgot that they can burn out so I lost a bit of health. I have less than 5 hearts left and clearly, I wasn’t going to get too far. The fourth area had more Bokoblins, but on higher posts. I killed the three Red Bokoblins and I got mauled by a Blue Bokoblin and I got Game Over.


Well, shit…


I did not heal before this…



This is where I die…


Back to reality…


I’m so glad I saved beforehand. Now, I feel like I should just kill more enemies, including Lynels, different Talus’, Hinox’, and Guardians, because I feel like that there will be a Guardian in the Trials so I clearly need to prepare some more and buy some Guardian Arrows. I teleported to the Ha Dahamar Shrine to cook food at the Dueling Peaks Stable.

This Log Entry was short because I was swamped with work and school, so I was only able to play a little bit but at least I started the Trial of the Sword. I feel a little more accomplished.

What do you think?


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