Breath of the Wild “The Master Trials” DLC Log #4: Getting the Giant Horse Mount and the Dark Link Outfit.

Time to finally catch that Giant Horse!

Today started out by thinking about doing the “EX Trial of the Sword” side quest to finish the 1st DLC (BTW I have not defeated Ganon yet). I was thinking about this while I was in Tarrey Town, buying and selling things, you know, saving money because I can’t do that in real life.

Sold all of my gems in Tarry Town then I decided to talk to this man named Hagie, he just sits behind the Goron’s stand and looking out to the Guardian Battleground or according to the map, Torin Wasteland. Hagie told me to defeat two Guardians there and he paid me in advance so I kind of have to do it, but I didn’t want to, just because I’m just not prepared to fight the Guardians at all. I have no Guardian Arrows.


What up, Hagie?

After talking with Hagie, I teleported to the Highland Stable where I decided to start the “Hunt for the Giant Horse” side quest. I called for Epona and we both set out to find the Giant Horse in the Taobab Grasslands. On our way there, there were some mounted Bokoblins and two Lynels, which didn’t attack me. I found the Giant Horse near the large trees and I stealthily tried to get near the horse, but there were so many horses near it so if one horse runs away, all of them will and it took a good 20 minutes to catch this Giant Horse and when I finally caught it, I mounted it and just soothed it the entire time until we traveled back to the Mounted Archery Camp, where Straia inspected it and it completed the side quest.


Completing the Side Quest.

I was so happy to catch the Giant Horse, I went back to the Highland Stables to register it and I named it Aerilyn. The Giant Horse is so big and fast that I literally trampled over Bokoblins and wolves on the side of the road.


I know, I name my horses after Video Game characters.


Aerilyn is huge!!

After completing that side quest and boarding my new horse, I teleported to Kakariko Village and shot at two Blupees to get some Rupees, then talked with the fairy at the Great Fairy Fountain to enhance my Stealth armor set, I just needed some Blue Nightshade.


Gimme your moneys.


Another one…


Enhancing my Stealth Armor Set


Enhancing in progress…


Time to cook some food!

I went down into Kakariko Village and cooked some more food, but I bought some Pumpkins, Carrots, Butter, and Bokoblin Guts (to give to Kilton) first because I wanted to make Pumpkin Pies, Carrot Cakes, and Meat-Stuffed Pumpkins. After cooking said foods, I sat by the fire until Night so I can catch Kilton on the mountain. I found him, sold all of my Monster items, and was so close to buying the Dark Hood which was 1,999 Mon (I already bought the Dark Tunic and Dark Trousers) and I only had 1,912 Mon. Since it was night-time already, I set out to just kill Monsters. I wanted to get the Dark Hood so bad.


Fang and Bone, here I come!


Hello there, Kilton.



I paraglided to the Lanayru Wetlands and was literally in a “Come at me, bro” mode and just killed any enemy in my way (except Guardians because NOPE). I killed Electric Keese, some Yiga Footsoldiers, Lizalfos, and Stalizalfos to gather as many Monster Parts as I can get before morning. There was a Guardian Stalker nearby but I just brushed it off and walked somewhere else.


Come at me, bro.


Not you, bro.


I teleported back to Kakariko Village and waited until Night again. I went to Kilton again, sold all of my Monster Parts and finally bought the Dark Hood and honestly, I cried. Getting the full Dark Link Outfit gives you a Night Speed Up, just like Tingle’s Outfit.


That is all I really killed, Kilton, so thanks for noticing.


*Heavy breathing*


*Pterodactyl scream*


*Literally crying tears of joy right now*

I was so happy. I saved my game and ended it there because next time, I may or may not start the Trial of the Sword side quest. I was honestly just content with getting the Giant Horse and the Dark Link Outfit.

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