Breath of the Wild “The Master Trials” DLC Log #3: Finding the Armor Sets, Memories, and more Guardians.

Oh, and a Blood Moon.

First, I went ahead and started the “”EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes” and “EX Treasure: Phantasma” side quests so I headed to the Coliseum Ruins to find one of the pieces of the armor sets since I found the Phantom Greaves the other day by accident.

(By the way, I screenshot these photos so these are all mine.)


Once I made it to the Coliseum, I went to the bottom floor since that would be where I could use Magnesis to find the chest. When I went to the bottom, there was a Silver Lynel there and I thought I could sneak away from it and be stealthy, but I ended up alerting a Bokoblin nearby so the Silver Lynel killed me with its Electric Arrows. It sucked because I didn’t get a chance to heal. It was a one-hit kill. So I teleported to the front of the Coliseum and ended up successfully sneaking away from the Lynel. I found the chest and got the Phantom Helmet.

After getting the helmet, I teleported to the Central Tower and paraglided to the Sacred Ground Ruins where the other chest is hidden. When I get there, I had to hide from at least 3 Guardians and once I went to the middle of the ruins, there was a beam of light and I almost forgot that I didn’t get all the Memories in the game so I went ahead and watched it.


I got Memory #1: Subdued Ceremony and I need 2 more memories to complete the main quest. After I watched that memory, I found the Phantom Armor and was automatically seen by a Guardian and hid underneath the small bridge at the Ruins and waited until the Guardian went away. I finally completed the “EX Treasure: Phantasma” side quest and got the Phantom Armor Set.


Next was to find Tingle’s Armor Set and I ran towards the Quarry Ruins to follow the pin I had on my map to find the next piece of armor and obviously, since I’m near Hyrule Castle, there were tons of Guardians nearby so I snuck past them by going towards Mount Gustaf and paragliding on the hills until I made it to the Castle Town Prison. Once I get there, I head to the hill before the prison and decided to climb a very obnoxious boulder in the middle of the hill before it came out as a Stone Talus.


I didn’t fit the Stone Talus so instead, I ran away, only because there was a Guardian Skywatcher and a Guardian Stalker at the prison where I needed to be and I wanted the Stone Talus to go away. I paraglided down to the Prison Ruins and I hid from the Guardian. I used Magnesis and noticed that the Guardian was roaming exactly where the chest is. I quietly snuck towards the Guardian and it started to thunderstorm. It made it a lot better because of the noise and it was kinda funny at first because the Guardian got struck by lightning. I got chest out and put it near me, opened it, and got Tingle’s Shirt. The only bad thing was that the lightning was about to strike the chest so I quickly ran away while getting caught by the Guardian and it sucked.


I’m glad I made a lot of food before because I just got mauled by that one Guardian. After getting Tingle’s Shirt, I went to the Exchange Ruins and got Tingle’s Hood and it was pretty simple. Nothing too crazy besides a few Chuchus and a Yiga Footsoldier. I had one more armor piece to find and I teleported to the Wetland Stable to make some food and as I was cooking, the atmosphere was acting weird but it was just a Blood Moon.


After cooking and taking selfies with the Blood Moon, I went towards the Ranch Ruins where I noticed that’s where Lon Lon Ranch was and I cried a bit inside. There was a Guardian Stalker and a couple of mounted Silver Bokoblins. I attacked one of them and it fell off its horse only to run away from me. I also just now noticed that the Bokoblins are scared of the Guardians as one of them was flailing arms and running away from it.


Looking at my map, I needed to go to the Mabe Village Ruins, which was right beside the Ranch Ruins and when I get there, I found the chest underneath a dead, Decayed Guardian so I searched it, used Magnesis and got the chest. I finally got Tingle’s Tights and I completed the “EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes” Side Quest.


I teleported to the East Akkala Stable to get my horse, Epona and I traveled to Tarry Town to buy and sell some things from my little adventure. And that, my friends, is where I ended it. I honestly need to see Kilton to sell all the Monster Parts I have.


I finished the “EX Treasure” side quests and the “EX Strange Mask” and “EX Teleportation Rumors!” side quests. Next, I have the final quest and that is “EX Trial of the Sword” and I’m so excited to start but first, I need to prepare.

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