Breath of the Wild “The Master Trials” DLC Log #1: Finding the Masks

Hello, everyone. I decided to start a Video Game Log Entries on my blog and I will basically talk about what I did in whatever game I’m playing at the moment like a diary.

Right now, I just bought the DLC for Breath of the Wild and I just started it so I will tell you what I did today. These logs will be long or short depending on how much I did that day but I hope you enjoy~

So I bought the Expansion Pass this morning around 7am, because I had work and I got paid so I quickly looked it up and I was so happy!


I bought it, started it up, and suddenly, I thought my game was glitched because the hub wasn’t there, but there were the words on the screen like as if I was in a shrine and I was relieved. I was scared for a second. Then, there were so many side quests that popped up and they all started with “EX” (As in “Extra”, maybe?).

I first started off by getting the masks since they were easier. I had to go to the Outpost Ruins to find a Journal where it would reveal the location of the masks and the armors. But I wanted to find the Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet and the Korok Mask. I went to get the Majora’s Mask first under the quest “EX Treasure: Ancient Mask”. It was easy and it was located at Lake Kolomo so I looked at my map and there is a little island there and I figured it was on that island and when I went there, there was a Stone Talus and I decided to fight it since I thought it was guarding a chest.


I was wrong…

I defeated it for no reason. I wasted my food and potions and I was so sad to find out that the chest was stuck on the ground near the Outpost at Lake Kolomo. I just needed to use Magnesis. BUT! I got the Majora’s Mask and I was so excited. It’s so creepy.


Next, it was time to find Midna’s Helmet under the quest “EX Treasure: Twilight Relic” and I quickly teleported to Satori Mountain and the mask was located at the Sage Temple Ruins. I was on top of Satori Mountain and I used my Paraglider to fly down the mountain until I saw a Stalnox walking around on the edge of a hill and I decided to defeat it for no real reason. Well, mostly because it had a Flameblade on its head and I wanted it so bad.

After I successfully defeated it and took the Flameblade, I continued to paraglide down until I reached the ruins and it was flooded so it took a while to find the chest. Once I found it, I opened it and there goes Midna’s Helmet and I totally went ahead and used my Wolf Link amiibo so it fit the bill.


I was so content with everything, I wanted to just end it there, but I thought to go ahead and find the Korok Mask so I can at least find more Korok seeds.

The Korok Mask was under the quest “EX Strange Mask Rumors” and I had to go to the Woodland Stable and read a magazine to reveal the location for that mask.  I set out to the Lost Woods where I figured it would be since that’s the only area where the Koroks actually live and I was right, I honestly didn’t need the magazine but it was to continue the quest.

I had to go through the Lost Woods to find a chest inside the tree’s mouth and the hard part was finding a tree with an open mouth in an area where you will be teleported back to the beginning if you go out too far . It took forever, but I finally found it. It looks so cute and I love it so far. I found almost 20 Korok Seeds in the past hour and I feel great.

20170802_120119So I found all the masks and I decided to end it there and I will make a plan to find the armors and the teleportation device tomorrow after work. I don’t know why, but I tend to set goals when it comes to open-world games because there is so much to do and I get overwhelmed sometimes.

I hope you guys enjoyed my log entry! What are your thoughts? Should I do more? Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂



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