Video Games Old but Gold #26: Sonic R

Can you feel the sunshine?Sonic R (Sonic Racing) is a racing game, developed by Traveller’s Tales and Sonic Team and published by SEGA, released for the Sega Saturn in 1997.

The funny thing about this game is the multiplayer. I’ve never played the single player before only because I was too young to even understand what was happening so I always just played with a family member in multiplayer.

I wish I had played the single player mode so I could unlock the secret characters, but the game is so bad now, I would probably get frustrated and rage quit as Sonic would drift into the walls or fly out the map. Overall, though, I had some pretty good memories of this game. I remember laughing whenever someone would fly out the map and it was the most hilarious thing to me.

Have you guys played Sonic R?

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