Review: Stellar Fox

This free-to-play mobile game is actually really beautiful.

Stellar Fox is a creative line puzzle game, developed and published by RAWPLE Studios, that released for Apple and Android in 2017.

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The game starts out with a story of a mother Stellar Fox with her baby Stellar Fox and suddenly, the baby fox is taken through a portal into a different world and now you have to help baby fox find his mother by going through portals in different levels using Stardust lines. The cute thing about this game is that it has a back story, which is pretty amazing.

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There are many features of the game from the Google Play website.

1. Creative Gameplay
There is no correct solution. Come up with your own creative solution to help the baby stellar fox reach its goal.

2. Multiple Levels
New stages will be constantly updated. Don’t stop challenging!

3. Beautiful 2D Graphics
Experience the story, as if in a fairy tale, with lyrical graphics.

4. Fantastic BGM
Calming and soothing music will help you emerse into the world of Stellar Fox.

5. Creation Mode (Coming Soon)
Create your own levels in our sandbox mode and share it with your friends!


There is a tutorial before you start playing and you play the game sideways from your phone. If you made a mistake in the game, you can restart it until you reach the portal and you basically draw a line from the baby fox to the portal while getting the 3 stars as well, then you press play to drop the fox on the path you created with the Stardust. There is a limited amount of Stardust you can use, but you can erase the line if you get stuck. At the end of the level, if you collected the 3 stars, you will get a 3-star score and if you want, you can also watch the replay or share your photo on social media.

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There are a lot of ads, but if you want, there is an in-app purchase with No Ads and Unlimited Energy for 40% off since the game made 1 million downloads. The game also has a Daily Rewards System to receive an item at the end of the week.

Overall, this game is beautiful and the music is soothing and just plain gorgeous. The only problem I have is that the game will work when it’s connected to Wi-Fi so it will lag a bit and the ads are annoying, but I don’t want to pay to remove them but I do love this game. Very fun and addicting.

What are your thoughts on Stellar Fox?


Source: Stellar Fox Google Play

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