LootGaming Unboxing: Champions

These are the “Champions” in this LootGaming Box in June.June’s LootGaming box was a bit late and I just think it’s because I’m in Japan and it takes a bit longer to get here but I have it and I was really impressed with this box. This is a “Champions” box, but looking at all the items in the box, I thought it was “Mutants”.

By the way, in case some of you don’t know, LootGaming is by LootCrate, which is a monthly, nerdy subscription box full of goodies such as a t-shirt, a figure and about three or four other things as well. The LootGaming box comes with everything video games and it’s about $29.99 a month (plus shipping) so definitely check it out, I will have a link for the official website below.

June 2017 theme is Champions~


You always get a poster with a LootGaming box and I got the Fallout 4 themed poster. Most of the items in this box are from Fallout 4.


You would also get a collectible pin with the box and I got one of four pins or bottle caps since it’s from Fallout 4.


Next, I got this super adorable League of Legends Cho’gath figure and it’s so cute. I have it up on my shelf with my Thresh figure!


I also got a mini replica of the Fallout 4 AER9 Laser Rifle, which in my opinion is the best rifle in the game. I’m glad I got another one because I got a mini replica of the Gears of War Lancer back in an older LootGaming box.


I cried when I saw this because Battletoads was an amazing game in my childhood. This is a Battletoads belt buckle and I’m going to feel so golden.


Last but not least, I got a T-shirt. A Brütal Legend T-shirt. I never really played Brutal Legend but I’m actually pretty interested in it, especially since it’s open-world.

Overall, this LootGaming box is heavily Fallout 4 based, which is fine, but they could’ve added something else since they had the poster and collectible pin. LootGaming boxes are the best type of surprise you can get especially if you are a huge gaming nerd like me so definitely check out the LootCrate website for more~ (This is not sponsored, by the way, I just really love LootGaming boxes.)

Loot Crate website

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to give me a shout or just comment below. 🙂


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