Overwatch’s Doomfist will release July 27 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4!

This information was released by Blizzard and this exciting news made my day.Overwatch will release an update pretty soon on the release of Doomfist on Thursday, July 27 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Blizzard is going to release all of Doomfist with the skins and the victory poses! Here are a couple of the skins:




The Overwatch Summer Games will also release around the same time or early August, which will give players some time to practice Doomfist before the event starts.

I’m also going to put down some of Doomfist’s information below if you’re interested in playing him. I’m more of a Tank person but I love to try out different characters.


Doomfist seems to be a pretty difficult character with a 3-star difficulty. He has a Seismic Slam and a four-shot hand cannon along with a Rocket Punch in which he will charge forward and deal a dangerous blow, knocking back the opponent and dealing more damage if they hit a wall. While Doomfist was in PTR testing, Blizzard made a change to his Rocket Punch move and instead of launching him 30 metres forward, they changed it to 20 metres, which I think is a good balance.

How do you guys feel about Doomfist? Are you excited?


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