Review: Kholat

This was one of those games and I was curious to play so I decided why not.

Kholat is a 1st person survival horror game, developed by IMGN.PRO, that released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015. I played Kholat on the PlayStation 4.

Kholat is set in Kholat Syakhl, a mountain in Russia, and the game starts out with a cutscene of a story about nine Russian college students who went missing on Kholat Syakhl in February 1959 and you, the player, controls a protagonist who is tracing the steps of these college students. This game is based on the Dyatlov Pass incident.

You start in Act 1 at the train station near an abandoned town covered in snow as you make your way to Kholat Syakhl. As you walk along in the forest, you encounter a cave and toward the end of the cave, you fall through a hole and end up in a blizzard out of nowhere with nothing around you but the sound of a bell. You walk through this blizzard and you find an abandoned tent. When you go inside, you will find a notebook, a compass, and a map. Next, starts Act II.

When you light the flashlight, the controller lights up, which is pretty cool and when you pick up journal entries throughout the game, the narrator will automatically read it for you. As you travel around the map, be wary of traps because they are everywhere so take some time to really check your surroundings. The compass and map are your best friends because there is no “You Are Here” marker on the map so you have to figure out where you are with the trails and the compass. You can also unlock camps to use “fast travel”. Also, there is a threat in the game so be careful where you are and stay alert because you will have to run away from… things.

Sean Bean (also known as Ned Stark in “Game of Thrones”) voices the narrator of the game. The visuals are extremely gorgeous and the music is somber but beautiful. This game is unnerving, to say the least, because of the ominous sounds and noises that you hear.

This game is terrifying but I truly enjoyed it. I would have to say I finished it in less than 5 hours so this is a short game, but I didn’t mind that. Overall, this game was amazing. An excellent survival horror game with captivating visuals and music. I would recommend this to those that are looking for something different in terms of survival horror.

Did you guys like this review? Tell me your thoughts! 🙂

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