2nd and Charles Haul!

This is a Buy, Sell, Trade store so I looked around and bought some cool stuff!

2nd and Charles is a Buy, Sell, Trade store and majority of the video games and consoles are Trade-In items but I mostly got video games since I have most of the consoles from Japan and from my childhood. I also got Pokemon cards because I’m suddenly starting to get back into playing it.

Here’s what I got~


I am really excited for the NES AV cable and the controller because I needed them so bad. I want to play my NES again.

I also got the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess manga that I have been waiting for ages to release and I finally got the last copy at the store so I’m really excited to start reading and give a review for you guys~

Overall, I just bought a ton of video games and some accessories with Pokemon cards and a book. I love 2nd and Charles. They also have a Comic Book section in their store and I only collect Spawn comics because of my dad but I used to read the Sonic the Hedgehog comics religiously in the past. I have so many of those comic books.

Do you guys have a 2nd and Charles?

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