Review: Gone Home

This was a really cute, romantic story-based game~

I got this for free last year for the PS4 and never touched it until recently.

Gone Home is a first-person 3D adventure exploration game, developed and published by The Fullbright Company and Majesco Entertainment, that released for PC in 2013 then for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.

This will be a short review since I finished this game in less than an hour so this is a short game.

Set in the year 1995, you play as Kaitlin Greenbriar, one of the family members who’ve come home from abroad for a year and she was hoping to be greeted by her family only to walk into an empty home. When you look around the house, some of the lights are on and some drawers are open as if her family left in a rush. As you go through the house and uncover secrets of what happened the year Kaitlin was gone, you also find codes and keys to unlock locks, doors, and filing cabinets.

The gameplay is simple, you can pick up little objects such as a pen, toiletries, and notes around the house and you can zoom in on the items as well. A majority of the letters in the house will be narrated by Kaitlin’s little sister, Sam and she talks about her experience with this girl she met in high school. There are also notes and memos about her father and mother, along with her uncle and the previous homeowner.

I loved this game, it was extremely story-based and after finding one secret, I wanted to know more about what happened because I honestly knew nothing of this game until I finished it. I honestly thought it was a horror game because of the atmosphere so I was on guard the entire time while I was playing.

This game is pretty dark, which is one of the reasons why I thought it was a horror game, but you can adjust the brightness if you can’t see too well. I also liked how there were cassette tapes around the house so you can play the music in the cassette player. Overall, beautiful storyline, the house was a mess but it was gorgeous with the visuals.

Have you guys played Gone Home?

7 thoughts on “Review: Gone Home

  1. i LOVED this game when i played it a while back. to be honest i got a really horror vibe from it at first and then it turned out to be a love story instead. its fairly short but it manages to pace itself well and looks really good too!

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  2. I absolutely love this game – it handles the subject matter in such a beautiful and heartfelt way. Not going to lie, I did shed a little tear at the end.

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