A Short and Sweet Life Update

So I will tell you why I’m not posting so much and I do apologize for that.

I’ve been incredibly swamped at work for the past couple of weeks with just maintenance and administrative stuff. I never really had time to do anything else besides errands because I am now in the United States until July 1st.


Which means I am home, in North Carolina, from June 6th until July 1st and I fly back to Japan on July 2nd. I’m basically taking a little vacation to be with my family and hang with my friends but now that I’m not working, I have TONS of time to relax, write some blog posts and play video games. I haven’t posted this week because I have been preparing for my younger brother’s high school graduation.





Congratulations, Class of 2017! My brother is the last in my generation in my family to graduate so we get a bit of a break until my little sister and cousins get older.


But yes, I’ve basically been traveling, getting my hair done and pedicures with my mom, shopping, and my brother’s graduation. I actually get a break now and I can play some video games. I have finished Prey for the PS4 so stay tuned for a review this weekend or next week and I have tons of other written reviews and news to share as well throughout the week.

I hope you guys aren’t too upset that I haven’t been posting anything but do not worry, I am back and ready to do some writing.


Photos are from my Instagram @the_gabbygamer


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