Review: Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Sorry for the delay in posts but I’ve been having a lot of free time, which meant I’ve played a lot of video games so first, I have a short mobile game review for you!

I’ve never played a Bubble Witch game before so I decided to try it out recently and King games are usually addicting.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga, developed by King games, released January 2017 is a puzzle, shooting game that will match 3 bubbles and erase them. I downloaded this for Android here and it is also for iOS as well.

You play as Stella the Witch and you are out to defeat the evil cat wizard, Wilbur for kidnapping the Fairy Queen. Every level consists of releasing owls, clearing all the bubbles, or helping ghosts reach the top of the level. Your sidekick, Nero, will also help you out in every level.

There is no time limit but there are a limited number of shots so make sure you connect the colors and even then you can switch out the colors to succeed. You can use Stardust from every level to upgrade your home and once you’ve made an upgrade, you wait a certain amount of time for it to be completed.

Also, if you’re social, you can connect with friends on Facebook to send lives or ask for more and you can also see your progress after every level if you’ve made it between 1st and 12th place with your score. The farther you get in the game, the harder the levels become.

This game is Free-To-Play and there are also micro-transactions for extra lives, bubbles, and Stardust which are helpful if you want to spend money but I usually play at my own pace and when I run out of lives, I wait until I get more lives after a certain amount of time. Overall, this game is addicting and I like it. I love how challenging it is and how it has a real story.

Have you guys played Bubble Witch 3 Saga?


Source: Bubble Witch 3 Saga Play Store

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