Prey Speedrun Beaten in 6 Minutes!!! (Video)

Can you say “speedrun”?

I have some video evidence from YouTube and I am still mouth-gaping as I type this post.

Either speed runner Prokky is really good or this game is broken as hell, meaning that the glitches are real and the player went through the walls and locked doors or they’re just really clever and found some tricks along the way.

Hopefully, the developers of the game will look into these speedruns because this looks so glitched. I honestly don’t know what to think about it.

I have Prey myself and I’ve written a review for it so stay tuned for that in the future.

Now, what do you guys think of this speedrun?


Source: YouTube


2 thoughts on “Prey Speedrun Beaten in 6 Minutes!!! (Video)

  1. on the one side i love the speedrun, it’s impressive as all hell. but i agree that it leaves me wondering how a game with this many exploits and glitches made it to release when it did? Did Arkane studious and Bethesda know about the status and just ship it anyway?

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  2. Honestly, I feel like they didn’t do enough beta testing. Probably didn’t look to see if there were glitches or anything. After watching this, I felt like it was kinda rushed because of all the glitches and clipping textures throughout the game.

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