Review: Minecraft Card Game? + Tutorial Video

Yes, the question mark is in the actual title of the game.I love card games and board games so I decided to do a video game related card game review. I went shopping one day and suddenly came across this Minecraft Card Game? and figured why not. I love trying out new things.

Here are the contents of the game:

The objective of this game is to race your friends to collect the most points and I’m going to add a YouTube video on how to play because it’s a little complicated to explain it in a post.

TheSixSims made a tutorial on how to play and they described it so clearly that it made it a lot easier to learn and I watched this video when I started playing and it helped me a lot so hopefully it will help you too!

This card game will start to get fun once you learn the setup and the basics and it would be best to start playing with just two people but this game can play up to 8 people.

These are the actual instructions on the manual that comes with the cards and honestly, it would be easier to watch the video for the visual learners out there.

Overall, this game is complicated at first but after playing it a few times, it starts to get fun and I’m glad I found this game. I liked it a lot and it’s incredibly different from other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering. I also know that there are Minecraft Trading Cards but I’ve never actually seen them myself.

Have you guys played this card game?


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