Review: PolitiCats

I know it’s been a while and life has been busy for me but here is a mobile game review.

I’ve been busy with work and school and just life in general but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for video games, especially mobile games (I have an Android). Therefore I came across this PolitiCats game and figured why not? It’s Free-To-Play and there are cats involved.

PolitiCats is an addictive tapper game, developed by Reality Squared Games in 2017 for iOS and Android.


These photos are from the Google Play store website.

You constantly tap with your fingers to get votes and money to get through the campaigns. There are also floating gift boxes that you tap and it gives you extra money. You can also use Staff to get more votes and money per second and you can customize your cat to get more votes. As you go through and complete your campaigns, at the end of the week or days you have, you can battle against other politician animals to win elections in the area you’re in. If you lose a battle, don’t worry, because you can upgrade your voting power to battle the opponent again when you’re ready.

Connect with Facebook and add friends to get 50% more votes per second and the more friends, the better. You can also get Garfield in the game, which is pretty cute. I hope they add Grumpy Cat and the other famous cats. This game also has Ads and In-App purchases as well.

Overall, this game is incredibly easy and really fun. I definitely recommend this if you’re wanting something easy and addictive and if you like cats. I like it so far and I’m addictive to just tapping my screen to get more votes.  I’m a cat lady so if I see a game with cats, I’ll most likely play it.

Have you guys played PolitiCats?


Source: PolitiCats Google Play Store

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