Far Cry 5 Has Been Confirmed!

I have Twitter to thank for making sure I get this wonderful news~

Ubisoft finally announced Far Cry 5 and I could not be happier. I love open-world, FPS games. They give me life.

Since it’s fresh off the confirmation table, we won’t hear news of the game’s location and time frame yet. It will remain a mystery but at least we know there is another Far Cry game. Hopefully, those details will be revealed at E3.

So far, I’ve seen pictures of Far Cry 5 being a Western or having Dinosaurs or even being a prequel to one of the previous Far Cry games and I’m sure no one knows but we will know soon at E3. Ubisoft has tons of amazing news this year so far and this one cuts the cake.

So are you guys excited or what? 🙂



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