Review + Unboxing #1: IOGear Kaliber Gaming Konvert Universal Gaming Headset

Time for a review and unboxing of some new universal headphones~

The title says “Unboxing #1” because I got a IOGear Kaliber Gaming Gamer Upgrade Pack: The Imperial White Edition (which kinda reminds me of Star Wars for some reason) that came with headphones, a mouse, and a keyboard and so I wanted to start with the headset and they are awesome.




The Konvert Headphones are universal for gaming, music and calling and they can be used for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. The headphones also have a detachable microphone for a more crystal clear chat and there is an internal microphone for taking phone calls.


Now the headphone ear cups are insanely comfortable and it has memory foam for a better fit in the head band plus it has pivoting flat-folding hinges for easier storage. The sound quality is amazing. I played Battlefield 1 with some friends and they could hear me crystal clear and I’ve noticed that the headphones are also noise cancelling. I couldn’t hear a thing in the background, outside the game.


The headset also came with a PlayStation 4 and PC adaptor and it has a Dual 3.5mm connector as well. It also comes with a soft, black carry bag!

Also, I’m letting you know that this is not sponsored. I bought the Gamer Upgrade Pack on my own because I’m building my own PC at the moment and I wanted to buy some essentials but the headphones on their own are $59.99 USD and I bought the Gamer Upgrade Pack for $120 USD.

These are incredibly well made headphones and I absolutely love them. I’m glad they’re universal. We need more headsets like that.

What do you guys think of the Konvert Headset? Stay tuned for a review and unboxing of the Fokus Mouse!

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