Review: Block! Hexa Puzzle!

Hello, friends and welcome to another mobile game review!

Block! Hexa Puzzle!, created by BitMango for the iOS and Android, is a slide Tetris-style puzzle game that consists of basically connecting the Hexa blocks together to fit the frame. The opening screen has a Skip or Tutorial button and after that, there will be a Pop-up with 7Days Events so every day you play this, you get free prizes such as coins or hints.


This gameplay is pretty simple. You drag the pieces into the frame and try to connect all the pieces to fit and you can’t rotate the pieces but you can take them out and switch them if you need to. There will be levels that will have an extra piece so you’ll have to figure out which one goes where. Those extra pieces you actually collect to level up. The best thing about this game is that there is NO TIME LIMIT and NO WI-FI REQUIRED so you can play this wherever you are.


There are over 300+ puzzles and it’s pretty addicting. The movement is fluid with no lag and what helped me with the harder puzzles once you get around level 50, is that I used the larger, longer pieces in first to kinda gauge where to put the smaller pieces. If you want more hints for when you get stuck, you press the video camera with the word “Free” on it and you basically watch an ad for about 30 seconds for a hint. If the ads get too annoying, there is a micro-transaction where you can basically pay to get rid of them.


After you play a couple of levels, the game will ask if you want to Data Sync with Facebook to save your progress so I would suggest doing that if you play on another device so you won’t have to start all over. Overall, Block! Hexa Puzzle! is an addicting puzzle game that really gets the brain going. I loved this game and also, it is FREE-TO-PLAY so definitely check it out when you can.

Have you guys played this game yet?

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