Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

I decided to make a guide on how to defeat and catch Treasure Demons on Persona 5. I have written notes while I was playing and I want to help those in need of a guide so I hope this is helpful~

Treasure Demons are rare, gemstone-like enemies found in the Palaces and in Mementos and they give a lot of EXP when defeated or you can capture them and use them for Persona Fusions to make stronger Personas. You can find them in the Palaces when you destroy the shiny objects around the area and when you see one, you have to chase it to get into the battle scene. Don’t worry if you miss one because you can always find them in Mementos.

They are resistant to most forms of attack and can escape before you find out their weaknesses. To increase the chance of finding a Treasure Demon, go to the Palace or Mementos when it’s raining or you can use Treasure Trap Infiltration Tool. There are 8 Treasure Demons and for the more advanced versions from Koh-I-Noor and up, use a Critical Attack like Rebellion and Morgana’s Lucky Punch.

Here are the 8 Treasure Demons with their levels and their weaknesses (I’m only showing a picture of the Regent Treasure Demon since he’s the first one you automatically come across.):

Regent (Lvl 10): Weak to Psy and Frei

Queen’s Necklace (Lvl 15): Weak to Guns

Stone of Scone (Lvl 20): Weak to Curse

Koh-I-Noor (Lvl 25): Resists all but Blessing and Curse

Orlov (Lvl 30): Normal damage from Elec only; Resists Physical; Null everything else

Emporer’s Amulet (Lvl 35): Normal damage from Fire only; Blocks Guns, Bless, and Curse; Resists Physical; Nulls everything else

Hope Diamond (Lvl 40): Normal damage from Wind only; Blocks Guns, Bless, and Curse; Resists Physical; Nulls everything else

Crystal Skull (Lvl 50): Normal damage from Bless; Blocks Guns; Resists Physical; Nulls everything else

From what I’ve done, I always did a Critical Attack and 9 times out of 10, the Treasure Demon would go down and I would either catch it or try to destroy it for more EXP. Make sure to have some type of Critical Attack move or always have Morgana in your team, else it will be hard to defeat it and it will run away.

Also, I did a review on Persona 5 here, so check it out if you haven’t played it or if you’re deciding on purchasing it 🙂


I hope this guide will be helpful to those that want to defeat or catch a Treasure Demon and I wish you success! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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