Want to become a Real-Life Witcher? Here’s how! (Videos)

Ready to become a Witcher? I have proof on how you can start with this video~

I got tagged in a video on Facebook and I was in awe at the fact that there is a real-life Witcher school in Poland. It is Larp (Live-Action Role-Playing game) so you get to experience the fantasy of Witcher outside the video games.

Here’s the first video by Eurogamer in which they sent Bertie to go to Poland and check it out. This video is basically giving you information on what the Witcher school is and what he did there for an entire weekend.

Also, I have another video which is basically a little sneak peek of the Witcher school’s Polish castle and atmosphere.

This is legit. I really want to go!

I have the official website that you can look at for more information and the Facebook page. It’s in Polish but hopefully, Google can translate it for you.

Official Website (Polish)

Witcher School FB Page


“The Witcher School LARP for adults, inspired by The Witcher series and the saga by Andrzej Sapkowski. During the game, you play as an adept passing witcher training: to know the secrets of fencing, archery, and alchemy, you will hunt for monsters, discovering the mysteries and intrigues, and stood before difficult choices and felt firsthand the consequences. You live in the castle, transformed the needs of LARP in real witcher Siedliszcze and meet familiar characters from the book and games. Witchers school is open to both women and men.”

You can get more information by signing up for their newsletter (Done!).


Are you guys fans of The Witcher? What do you guys think of LARP?


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