My 6 Favorite PC/MMO Games!

I have a ton of favorite PC games but I’m narrowing it to just 6 PC games. Three of them will be MMOs and the other three are non-MMO.

First I will talk about my 3 favorite MMOs at the moment or the MMOs I am currently playing.

The first one would have to be Heroes of the Storm.

Number 2 is Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter.

My third favorite MMO is Overwatch~

Now for my 3 favorite PC non-MMO games:

My first one is definitely Undertale.

My 2nd favorite is Stardew Valley.

And my last favorite is Soma and I did a review on Soma about a month ago so check it out here!


These are my 6 favorite PC MMO and non-MMO games! I hope you’ve maybe found a new video game to play and if you want me to do a more in-depth review of these games (besides Soma), I definitely will. Just send me a message!

Have you guys played any of these games?



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