Review: Persona 5

Persona 5 is truly amazing and I will give you my review and thoughts on why.

I bought Persona 5 as soon as it came out and my copy came with a free Limited Time PlayStation 4 controller skin. It’s so cool! My PlayStation 4 controller is all decked out and ready to fight some Shadows.


Persona 5, developed and published by Atlus, released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in April 2017 is a social simulation, dungeon-crawling RPG that takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo with the main character, our silent hero. You can name your character (Hero) but he also has his code name, which is Joker. I gave him my actual name, Gabi Graham and I laugh when he’s sitting in class and they call him “Graham-kun”.


The game starts out with our protagonist, a thief, in a casino jumping around the chandeliers with a briefcase, escaping casino security. When you sneak up on the security bodyguards, you take off their mask and they turn into Shadows. While you’re fighting you’ll have boyish and girly voices talking to you to give you a tutorial and you’ll find out who they are later in the game. While you’re escaping the casino, you can sneak in corners and use stealth to not get caught.


Also, the cutscenes are in an anime style which is Atlus’ thing and when you escape outside the casino, you get ambushed by tons of police officers and SWAT team members, then you are taken into interrogation. Once in interrogation, you have time to name your character and choose the difficulty that you would like and you can change the difficulty later on in the game. I started on Easy mode. You also make choices on what you say or you can stay silent sometimes, but what you say will depend on the outcome. After you make your choices, you are interrogated by prosecutor, Sae Niijima and she asks about the “other world” and tells you to start from the beginning.



The game starts April 9th, 20xx in Shibuya and the first objective is to find the new lodging with the address you are given and basically start your new life as a Shujin Academy student. There will be a tutorial on everything in the game so you won’t get lost and you can always look back at it later on in the Options Menu. You can study, eat at diners, build friendships (or in this case, confidants), go shopping, visit the movie theatre, chill at the bathhouse at night. There are so many things to do in Persona 5 but you also have to watch your time limit when you actually get an official task to defeat a boss, in which they will “Take your heart”. That’s the Phantom Thieves tagline that they put on their calling cards. You get more than 10 days to prepare a calling card for the final fight for the Treasure and that will give you time to grind your characters and buy more items, weapons, and armor. Also, you have to search for an infiltration route to the treasure but that will be explained later in the game. While you’re in the Palace, there will be Safe Rooms so you can save and rest.

The Velvet Room is still a thing and whenever you go to sleep, Joker will wake up in the Velvet Room and Igor’s nose is looking fabulous as always along with some new Velvet Room twin attendants, Caroline and Justine. Since Joker has the power to obtain new Personas, you can fuse Personas and make new ones in the Velvet Room.


The story is incredible, the art is stunning, and I just get so into it. I love playing video games like Persona, especially going to school and studying, riding the train, eating Japanese food, shopping, watching movies at the movie theatre. It’s really cool to me to experience Japanese life in a video game and since I live in Japan I always learn something new playing this. Plus I LOVE this soundtrack. It is amazing and I love the jazzy feel. I’m always listening to this music, whether I’m traveling or studying and I just need to get the Official Soundtrack.

This game is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and I promise you will not regret getting this.

Have you guys played Persona 5 yet?


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