Review: Pocket Mortys

Hey! It’s like Pokemon but with Mortys! Get it? Gotta love Rick and Morty.

I’m doing another mobile game app today and this review will be about Pocket Mortys!


Pocket Mortys, Developed by Big Pixel Studios and published by Adult Swim, is a Rick and Morty themed Pokemon parody, RPG mobile game app for the iOS and Android that released in 2016. This is a Free-To-Play game so check it out if you would like.


The story starts out with Rick making a Mortypad to collect Mortys along their adventure and suddenly, a portal opens up and a Mysterious Rick comes out with a Morty and he tries to take Rick’s Morty but Rick declines and then the Mysterious Rick suggests a battle with their Mortys and this is where the Pokemon gameplay comes in. Rick is the trainer and the Mortys are basically the Pokemon.


During the battle, Rick has the option of Attacking, using Items, Switching out different Mortys, and Running away and after you’ve won the battle, you gain XP to level up your Morty and gain new skills and you also get Schmeckles, which is the game’s currency. After you won the battle against the Mysterious Rick, he escapes into the Portal and Rick decides to chase after him. Once through the portal, you enter into another dimension and you set out to find the Mysterious Rick.


As you travel around the area, you find other Mortys to catch using a Morty Manipulator Chip that you can craft once you find enough items and there will be other people waiting around with their Mortys so you can battle them and gain more XP. Also, there are types like in Pokemon, but instead of Fire, Water, and Grass, its Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Once you go through the dimension, you’ll find Mysterious Rick standing in a boss battle type area and you battle him. When you defeat him, you get a badge and some items and Schmeckles.


There is a Healing Center and a Salesman Rick, which is a shop so you can buy healing items for your HP and AP. Defeat the Ricks in different dimensions to earn badges to defeat the Council of Ricks, who have taken Rick’s teleportation gun until he proves himself. There are more than 70 Mortys to collect and there is an Auto-Save feature so you won’t lose your progress.

This game is incredibly addicting and I love the Rick and Morty show in general, it’s a hilarious show and if you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it, but only if you’re 18+. Also, this is a Pokemon parody which is why I love it so much, mostly because of the gameplay.

Have you guys played Pocket Mortys?


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