Video Games Old but Gold #12: Rampage World Tour

Holy cow, guys! This was my s**t when I was younger!

Rampage World Tour came out in 1998 for the Nintendo 64.

This was one of my favorite video games of my childhood. I used to love destroying lots of buildings and eating people with my little brother at the time because we had to share a Nintendo 64. I honestly couldn’t play this game without my little brother. Multiplayer was always fun back in the day.

Look at that screenshot. I’m crying right now. I’ve always played as Ralph (The Wolf) and my brother played as Lizzie (The Lizard).

I remember playing this with my brother and we would always fight for the purple radioactive waste lying around or the spaceship so we could fly around and shoot each other. Good times.

Do you guys remember Rampage World Tour?


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