Ask Gabby! : Basic Info, Questions, and Random Facts About Me!

Looks like you guys are going to know me a bit more and I’m excited to give you a more elaborate “About Me” post. There are also some pics of me as well.

Basically, I’m going to give out some basic information about me and some questions about video games and my life~



Full name: Gabriella Graham

Age: 21

Birthday/Zodiac Sign: August 14th (Leo)

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Race/Ethnicity: Black and Lumbee Native American

Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina



“How many tattoos do you have?”

I currently have 20 tattoos and will be getting more in the near future.

“Do you have any piercings?”

Just the two piercings on each ear.


“When did you start playing video games?”

I started playing video games when I was 3 years old and my first game was Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

“Do you have any other hobbies besides video games?”

I love journaling, blogging, reading, traveling, playing board games, and volunteering with animals.

“Do you have any siblings?”

I’m the oldest. I have a younger brother and younger sister.

“What’s your favorite Pokemon?”

Gengar is my favorite Pokemon of all time!

“Do you watch anime? If so, what are your favorite animes?

I do watch anime. My favorites are Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, Dangan Ronpa, Higurashi: When They Cry, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Space Dandy, and Zankyou No Terror.

“What’s your favorite type of music?”

Obviously, I love video game orchestra and OSTs. I also like a little bit of every genre but mostly heavy metal and trance/dubstep.

“Do you play any instruments?”

I used to play electric guitar for about 5 years and I played the clarinet in high school band.


“What’s your favorite TV show or movie at the moment?”

My favorite TV show would have to be Rick and Morty and my favorite movie at the moment would be Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive.

“Favorite bands/singers?”

I’ve always been a Daft Punk and Linkin Park fan and I still am but I also like Caravan Palace, Daughtry, Metallica, and Five Finger Death Punch.

“What is your favorite fighting game?”

I grew up playing Tekken and Street Fighter because of my dad but I do like Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear, and Super Smash Bros.


“What are your 5 goals in life?”

  1. Complete my Master’s Degree in Psychology.
  2. Go to E3, PAX, and Comic Con.
  3. Travel to Ireland.
  4. Collect every video game console out there.
  5. Go on a cruise somewhere.

“What was the first console you owned?”

I owned a Nintendo 64 as a first, even if my brother and I shared it at the time.




-I am a mechanic, I work on small boats.

-I still have my four wisdom teeth.

-Sonic The Hedgehog used to be my idol in elementary school.

-I am mostly a whiskey drinker but sometimes I will drink white wine or hard ciders.

-I have to sleep with a teddy bear at night else I’ll get nightmares.


-My favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

-I am obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

-I am from the South but I barely have an accent unless I say certain words or phrases.

-I hate the taste of coffee, so I’m a tea drinker.

-I am Wiccan.

-My favorite board game is Scrabble.

-I’m super emotional. I cry a lot.

-I like to make weird faces when I’m talking to someone.

-I have very curly hair (3B/3C curls) but I would rather straighten my hair (My hair length is near my armpits).


-I am a HUGE Spawn fan.


I hope everyone enjoyed this little post about me and if you have any questions, feel free to ask?

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