Thrift Shop Goodies #7

Hello, friends!

Are you ready for another Thrift Shop Goodies? Because I am~

Thrift shopping is basically a hobby of mine and I have so much stuff that I think it’s time to buy a book shelf for my games and consoles but for now, let’s see what I got.


Found this baby for about $3 USD. The note on the top left of it says it works but it has a red light.


Got an Xbox 360 controller for about $1 USD.


Found Wii Fit for $1 and I thought it was funny because there was a dark blue Japanese Wii there for $5 USD but it was broken.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 for the PC because why not? It’s the #1 selling gold franchise.


Okay, guys, can I just say, NOSTALGIA. This used to be my shit when I was younger. I found this and literally cried. I bought a childhood memory for 50 cents!


This is amazing. Final Fantasy Origins is still in the plastic! I don’t think anyone opened this at all. It comes with Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.


And last but not least, Blink: The Time Sweeper for Xbox. I’m still crying, guys. I just did a Video Games Old but Gold post about this game not too long ago and now I officially have a physical copy of this game! I could not be any happier right now. And I have a working Xbox?

/cries in joy

That’s all that I got from the Thrift shop and I hope you liked this post 🙂


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