Review: Word Cookies

So I’ve decided to do another mobile app game review even though I don’t really do them too much but I really liked this one and I wanted to tell you what I think!

Word Cookies is a mobile game app for both iOS and Android (I have it for Android) and it’s also free! This is a word-puzzle game so it gets your brain going.


I’m adding screenshots of the game from my phone and there are ads as you can see on the bottom of the photo. The gameplay is pretty simple, you basically swipe around different letters to find the hidden words that will fit in the boxes and in this photo it would be SON, SO, NO, and ON. The great thing about this game is that there is no time limit and no moves so you can take your time with this and not feel rushed. There is also a tutorial on how to play just in case.

When you play the first level of the game, you’ll get a free 200 coins which can be used to purchase hints in case you get confused on some words. Also, there are daily bonus rewards and the more you play, the more coins you can get. This game has a lot of levels. There are different flavor packs with about 20 levels each but there are more than 580 levels!


I find this game to be great exercise for the brain because it can improve vocabulary, concentration, and spelling skills. I feel like I always learn a new word with this game and it’s very addicting as well. I always play this game in the morning to get my brain going and ready for the day ahead.

If you’re looking for a new mobile app game and love puzzles / word games, this game is for you. I love it a lot and I’m really far into it so the farther you go, the harder it will get as in there will be more boxes and more letters to make bigger words.

Do you guys like puzzle / word games?

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