Defenders of the Triforce Tickets Will Be On Sale Soon!

Have you guys ever done a Real Escape Game? If not, you can now and it’s on sale!

The Real Escape Game is created by SCRAP and they made “Defenders of the Triforce”, an escape game in collaboration with The Legend of Zelda. I have the website for the tickets and locations if you’re interested. The website will be down below.

Here’s a short video for those that are curious about the Escape game:

I’ve never done an Escape Game before but this seems really fun. I actually can’t wait to do this. The locations are pretty limited but the prices aren’t that bad and they also have Collector’s Edition’s where you can get a ticket and other goodies as well.

If you want to buy a ticket or look for more information, here is theĀ website.

Will you guys be able to go to Defenders of the Triforce?

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