Thrift Shop Goodies #6 Haul!

I have another Thrift Shop Goodies for everyone! This is my first haul and I’m so excited!

This Thrift Shop Goodies Haul is my first one and I recently bought all of this stuff so and the entire purchase was less than $40. The only expensive thing was the SEGA Dreamcast and that was $26.

Now, I will show you what I got! (There will be a lot of photos.)



I found this beautiful and in perfect condition SEGA Dreamcast along with its pretty controller.


This is Cobra: The Space Pirate and he is from the video game “The Space Adventure” that came out for the SEGA CD in 1995. (I’ll do a Video Games Old but Gold post about this later.)


Got some super cute plushies, mostly Pokemon and a Monster Hunters Felyne!


Found this small Lugia figure. Lugia is my favorite.


Mario Party 64 in its Japanese case. I actually want to play this with friends, even if it’s in Japanese.


Starfox Adventures and Biohazard Zero  for the Gamecube both in their original Japanese cases.


Luckily came across Pokemon Snap and Donkey Kong 64 in Japanese.


I actually found an English game, which is Super Mario Land for the Game Boy.


Got these super cool Monster Hunter Portable 3rd shot glasses!


Another Monster Hunter drinking device. I think this is a beer glass? It looks like one.


And last but not least, I got these super cute Danganronpa figures from the Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair PSVita game. Welcome to my home, Komaeda and Hajime!

Whew, this was a lot and I’m so happy I got it. Thrift shopping is one of my favorite past times. I find lots of cool stuff new or old and it’s cheap. I always have a happy day at the thrift shop!

Do you guys like Thrift shopping?

One thought on “Thrift Shop Goodies #6 Haul!

  1. Love thrift stores! Going to Japan end of the year and hoping to come back with a haul similar to yours 🙂 Gaming stuff is so much cheaper and plentiful there, it’s incredible.

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