Video Games Old but Gold #9: Diddy Kong Racing

I know a lot of gamers remember this gem~

So many memories with this one. I remember getting this as a Christmas present along with the Nintendo 64 back in my younger days. My brother and I would always play it and there were days when my mom or my nana would want to play with us.

Guys, I’m crying right now. I miss this game so much. There are so many good memories poured into this game. I’ve always played as Timber the Tiger because I was so obsessed with any type of cat when I was younger. My brother and I used to fight over Diddy Kong and that was fun.

Time to listen to the soundtrack and feel the nostalgia flow within me.

Do you guys remember playing this one?

2 thoughts on “Video Games Old but Gold #9: Diddy Kong Racing

  1. I totally forgot that Banjo was in this game! Ahh good ol’ Rareware games. Nothing like em.

    I think I was more into Mario Kart 64 in the N64 years, but it was incredible how they managed to crank out a racing game with so many differences that they were totally different games. The airplane and boat modes were a nice bonus and the cars had a completely different feel. Would love to see a return of the series on the Nintendo Switch, personally, especially with the Rareware team back, behind Yookah-Laylee!

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