Vampyr Trailer Review!

From the makers of Life is Strange, comes the blood sucking, survival horror game, Vampyr!

I have the trailer here:

Ahh~ So beautiful yet dangerous. This is insanely good and I’m up for a survival horror game especially made by the makers of Life is Strange.

The trailer looks so good, even the fight scenes and environment are amazing and I love how you can look at the civilians circulatory system, too.

Vampyr is an action adventure RPG game set in London, 1918 around the time of the Spanish Flu epidemic and there seems to be mutant vampires parading around London, looking for some delicious blood. From what I know, the civilians in this game are important to the vampires because the blood gives you XP to unlock cool abilities.

There are a lot of characters to talk to and places to explore. There is also the choice of using guns or other weapons besides your cool vampire moves, which is a plus because sometimes you wanna just shoot someone (in the game, I mean).

Vampyr will be out Summer 2017.

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