Fanmade “Sonic Utopia” game! + Reveal Trailer and Demo Download

This is incredible and so beautiful for a Retro Sonic The Hedgehog game. I have the reveal trailer and demo link below!

Check out this fan made game created by game developer, Mr. Lange, who shared his works at SAGE 2016 in October. This game is a mixture of 3D graphics and Retro style gameplay. Everything in this game, the art, sound, graphics, gameplay was made from scratch in Unity.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

There is also a demo so you can download and play it for yourself. There may not be much because it’s still in development but it doesn’t hurt to support other developers and experience an open-world Sonic game set in a 3D Green Hill Zone.

Hopefully the video can take you to YouTube, because the demo link is on that YouTube page. The Dropbox link isn’t working because of traffic so you would have to wait a bit but there is an alternate link to download the demo.

Sonic Utopia Demo Download

I hope to see more from Sonic Utopia in the future!

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