Video Games Old but Gold #6: MediEvil

Jeez, just looking at the PlayStation cover made me realize how scared I was to play it at first until I actually played it.

MediEvil is an adventure, hack and slash action game that released in 1998 for the PlayStation.

Amazing, huh?

This game would scare me as a kid because it was just plain spooky. I loved it though because I thought it was funny that the zombie hands were moving around on their own and I would just crack up. This game was really fun and hilarious. My little brother got MediEvil: Resurrection for the PlayStation Portable and I would play that one too.

The main character is Sir Daniel or “Dan” if I remember, I can just imagine his voice in my head right now. The evil bad guy (how I would say it when I was little) was Zarok and he would take over the kingdom with the undead so you would battle through the undead to defeat Zarok. It was a pretty straight forward game now that I think about it.

Do you remember playing MediEvil?

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